Monday, November 16, 2009

Story Idea

My character is a candy machine who is a magician who can trasform candy into anything to help the community who live inside a candy shop.As reward, they will pay him a candy back. The candy machine character has a big glass sphere as his head. Inside the glass are many gum balls. By turning a trigger at his chest, one of the gum ball will drop out and can turn into something

I developed an antagonist character who has similar magical ability as the main character do, however, he is a dustbin character who can only use the thrown-away candy to perform the magic and thus those candies turned in to something black and ugly. He is trying to help a cupcake character by transforming a candy into a heart shape chocolate but it is black, broken and looks ugly and end up scaring the cupcake away. Meanwhile, the candy machine character come and used his ability to transform a candy into a sweet cherry which cheered up the cupcake. After received a candy from the cupcake, the candy machine fly away with his cane. The dustbin character feels sad and jealous. He followed the candy machine to the street and witness him helping a bottle character whose is drunk and all the fluid flown out from his bottle. The candy machine turned a candy into a bottle cover and stop the fluid from overflowing. However, the bollte character doesn't has any candy to offer him. The dustbin character offer 1 of his candy to the candy machine. The candy is black and it has reaction with all the candies in the candy machine's head. The black candy contaminated all the candies. This reaction become very strong and caused all the candies to burst out from his head. Loosing all the candies, the candy machine fall down to the ground and died. The cupcake character who saw it and he put a candy inside the glass head. Other people also fill in a candy. The only thing left is a heart shape candy. The dustbin take out a candy and try to perform the same magic trick he failed before. This time, the magic works and it turned to a heart shape candy and finally revived the candy machine.

The message that I was trying to deliver is jealousy will contaminate our heart and thus caused us to fail. The dustbin character is feeling unhappy and Inferiority which is why although he has the same ability as the candy machine do but he fail. He also jealous about the candy machine. His jealousy turn into a black candy that contaminated the candy machine and killed him. However, he is not a bad person and all he trying to do is to help and so in the end he managed to turn garbage insied him to better and useful thing for others.

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